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                            Santa Rosa Transit

Santa Rosa Transit operates 13 routes in the City of Santa Rosa. All routes depart the Downtown Transit Mall  with
other transit centers located at Coddingtown Mall and
Montgomery Village. Buses run seven days a week with
varing schedules. Most routes usually run from 7am to 7pm
Monday through Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday.

                               Routes and Schedules

Route 1: This bus serves North St, Franklin Park as well as the County Hospital
and Public Health Clinics this route runs very infrequent.

Route 2: This bus serves Montgomery Drive, Memorial Hospital, Montgomery
Village then continues to East Santa Rosa and Bennett Valley. This Route Operates seven days a week.

Route 3: This bus serves  West 9th st, West College Ave and West Santa Rosa.
this route operates infrequently Consult Schedules for details.

Route 4/4R This bus serves 4th st with Route 4R operating via Mendocino and
Bryden Ln then both routes serve Montgomery Village and continue on to Rincon Valley with Route 4 contiuing Clockwise and 4R continuing Counter Clockwise around the Rincon Valley Loop . Both routes operate seven days a week.

Route 5/5E This bus serves South Santa Rosa operating via Santa Rosa Ave
and 5E via South E St both buses serve the Santa Rosa Market Place and Route
5E serves the Senior Center as well as the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

Route 6: This bus serves West Santa Rosa operating via West 3rd St, Stony
Point Rd, and West College Ave this bus serves the Santa Rosa Corporation
Yard as well as the Santa Rosa Transit Bus Yard and Operations Facility.

Route 7: This bus serves Mendocino Ave, Bryden Ln, Farmers Ln, Montgomery