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                Sonoma County Transit

Sonoma County Transit operates 22 bus routes through out
Greater Sonoma County as well as city bus service for the
cities of  Windsor, Guerneville, and  Rohnert Park/ Cotati.
Most all of Sonoma County Transit's bus routes begin at the
Transit Mall in Downtown Santa Rosa where connections
are available to  Golden Gate Transit, Santa Rosa Transit,
and Mendocino Transit Authority.


            Routes and Schedules

Route 10/11: This route serves Southern Rohnert Park as well as Cotati.
Route 10 continues via Benson and Loretto  Route 11 continues via  Myrtle
and Lancaster. Then both routes continue to the Sonoma State University,
Rancho Cotate High School, and Adrian Dr/ Southwest Blvd to their final
Destination at the Rohnert Park Library.

Route 12/14: This Route also starts at the Rohnert Park Library Continuing to
the Shopping Centers west of  US 101 and serving the Rancho Feliz Mobile Home Park. This route then continues east on the Rohnert Park Expressway
with Route 14 serving the housing developments at Holly and Fairway Drives.
Both buses then continue to Snyder Ln  Rancho Cotate High School and then
ending at the Rohnert Park Library via Adrian/ Southwest.

Route 20: This bus departs the Santa Rosa Transit Mall and serves Mendocino
Ave, County Administration Center, Coddingtown Center, West Santa Rosa
(Fulton Rd Hwy 12). Then Route 20 continues on to Sebastopol ( Laguna Pkwy
and Mc Kinley Sts) and then serving West Sonoma County via River Rd the
Russian River  Forestville, Guernevile. Then some Route 20 buses only go as
far as Monte Rio the rest continue to the city of Occidental.

Route 20x: there are two express variations one route operates via Hwy 12
Direct to Occidental via Sebastopol and Hwy 116. The other express operates
via Mendocino Ave, River Rd , Guerneville to Monte Rio. See schedules for

Route 22: this bus route operates from Downtown Santa Rosa via Sebastopol Rd
Hwy 12 to Sebastopol (Laguna Pkwy and Mc Kinley). Some buses also serve
Corporate Ctr at the Lakes.

Route 24: this bus provides local bus service within Sebastopol from Laguna
Pkwy and Mc Kinley with service to Orchard Gardens Senior Housing,
Palm Drive Hospital

Route 26: This route provides commute hour service between Sebastopol
(Laguna Pkwy and Mckinley) Hwy 116 , Cotati, Rohnert Park, and Sonoma
State University service operates mornings and evenings in both directions

Route 28: This route provides local service in the areas of Guerneville, Drake Rd
Neely Rd Vacation Beach and Monte Rio.

Route 30 This bus operates as a continuation of eastbound 20 fromCoddingtown
Center via County Admin Ctr Mendocino Ave Santa Rosa Transit Mall . Route
30 then serve Montgomery Village East Santa Rosa, the Retirement village of
Oakmont continuing on Hwy 12 via Kenwood, Glen Ellen, Boyes Hot Springs
then ending at the Sonoma Town Plaza

Route 32 : This bus provides local bus service between the Sonoma Plaza
El Verano and Boyes Hot Springs.

Route 34: This bus operates commute hours between the Sonoma Plaza
Boyes Hot Springs, Kenwood, Hwy 12, East Santa Rosa and the Fairgrounds
P&R Lot  near Hwy 12 and US 101.

Route 36: This bus serves the Sonoma Plaza, Boyes Hot Springs, and the
retirement communities of Temlec and Seven Flags.

Route 40: This bus provides service from the Sonoma Plaza via the Lakeville
Hwy to the communities of Temlec, Seven Flags, East Petaluma and Downtown
Petaluma 4th and C Streets.

Route 42: This bus provides service between the Santa Rosa Transit Mall
Southeast Santa Rosa, Corby Ln, West Robles Ave and the Sonoma County
Transit offices (note infrequent service )

Route 44: This bus operates from Coddingtown Center via the County Admin Center  serving Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa Ave, Roberts Lake Rd continuing
to Rohnert Park via Commerce Blvd, Adrian/ Southwest, Sonoma State Univ
the City of Penngrove  then continuing through East Petaluma via North
Mc Dowell Blvd and ending in Downtown Petaluma at 4th and C Streets.

Route 46: This route operates from the Downtown Santa Rosa Transit Mall
down Petaluma Hill Rd and Snyder Ln  express to Sonoma State Univ. (Most
Route 22 buses Interline with Route 46.)

Route 48: This Route operates from Coddingtown Center via the County Admin
Center down Mendocino Ave to the Transit Mall this bus then continues to Rohnert Park via Santa Rosa Ave then continuing on Commerce Blvd Adrian/
Southwest to the city of Cotati then continuing southbound on the Old Redwood
Hwy to Petaluma 4th & C sts.

Route 60: This bus departs the Downtown Santa Rosa Transit Mall continuing
northbound on Mendocino Ave this bus then continues north on Old Redwood Hwy passing unincorporated Larkfield and Wikiup as well as the Luther Burbank
Center for the Arts the bus then continues into Windsor and Healdsburg some
Route 60 buses continue north to Geyserville and Cloverdale.

Route 62: This bus departs the  Downtown Santa Rosa Transit Mall continuing
north on Mendocino Ave and Old Redwood Hwy this bus then serves River Rd
the Town of Fulton with a final stop of the Sonoma County Airport ( Note commute hours only ).

Route 64: This bus is similar to Route 62 except that it serves Old Redwood Hwy
and Airport Blvd instead of Fulton (Note commute hours only).

Route 66: This bus serves the Town of Windsor providing local service to the
Lakewood Shoping Ctr, North and South Windsor as well as connecting to Route 60 near the Lakewood Ctr (Raleys)